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iLove the Arts

As America struggled through the Civil Rights Movement, African-American road trippers used The Negro Motorist Green Book to navigate travel at the time of the Jim Crow laws. The Hotel Metropolitan has joined with WKCTC’ s Diversity and Inclusion Office to present The Quilts of The Green Book. The quilts will tell stories in the form of fiber art of this period in our country’s history. iLove the arts for their inclusive history.

Fantastic Fibers is an international juried exhibition that showcases a wide range of outstanding works related to the fiber medium. The 2019 show opens at the Yeiser Art Center on Saturday, April 20 and there’s a free public reception. It’s possibly the most colorful, interesting and engaging exhibit that YAC hosts each year. iLove the art in its most amazing and fibrous glory!

The Film Club at West Kentucky Community and Technical is hosting a Parody Film Competition & Festival on April 11 at Maiden Alley Cinema. This is a great opportunity for budding filmmakers or anyone who’s excited about making their own movies. Just submit your creative work to the festival by April 4. iLove The Arts especially when they are homemade and local!

Lexie Abra Milikan is a busy lady! She’s a local artist, teacher at the Paducah School of Art and Design, and Executive Director at the Yeiser Art Center. She has a new exhibition, Living Room that features her latest fiber and installation artworks. It’s on display at PSAD along with an exhibition of artworks by students at McCracken County 21st Century Community Centers. iLove The Arts at PSAD!

The Department of Art & Design and Murray State University Galleries has a new photographic exhibition - Past Silver: Magic from the Collection. Its being held in conjunction with The Magic Silver Show: The Elena Diane Curris  which is a juried photography exhibition. They are both on view in the Clara M. Eagle Main Gallery. iLove The Arts…they are just magical! 

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