Are you a budding film director? Are you a fan of Jordan Peele, (“Get Out” & “Us”), or Patty Jenkins, (Wonder Women” & “Monster”)? Do you make movies using cell phone footage, or things you’ve shot on a camera?

The new Film Club at West Kentucky & Community College (WKCTC) is made up of movies buffs and film fans. They are getting ready to host a Parody Film Competition & Festival and if you’re submission is any good it could be screened at maiden Alley Cinema!

"Many young people are out there making short films with friends on a cell phone,” said Jason Donner, WKCTC Film Club advisor. “As a new club at WKCTC, we wanted to create an opportunity for anyone in the community to show their short parody films at the Maiden Alley Cinema. Young fan filmmakers need a chance to showcase their sense of comedy or drama in a way that's not complicated to produce, or submit and just have a fun night watching everyone's work on the screen."

If you plan to submit a movie it must be three to ten minutes long, have no excessive gore, adult content or nudity, and use no copyrighted material or music. Previously made parody films are acceptable for submission. Movies must be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the April 4 deadline.

iLove the Arts“The WKCTC Film Club was founded late last year and already has 20 plus members,” explained WKCTC Film Club president, Jonathan Bilak. “It began as a group of students who enjoyed watching movies together and socializing. The Parody Film Competition and festival is a way to engage the community and do something really fun thats film related. Although its members must be WKCTC students the film competition and festival is open to everyone.”

Movies will be shown at Maiden Alley Cinema on April 11 beginning at 7 pm. As this is a competition, you can win prizes - and more importantly bragging rights! Winning categories include:

WKCTC Film Club president Jon Bilak can answer questions about the festival. He can also be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .