Char Downs is an American artist living and working at Pinecone Art Studio. She relocated from the San Francisco Bay area fourteen years ago as part of the artist relocation program. Two-dimensional work was her focus prior to moving to Kentucky. Her work has been shown in the Pacific Rim, including Japan, Australia, Saipan and Hawaii. She has also held exhibitions in Europe and many places in the US.

Downs latest exhibition is called Bits & Pieces - a Retrospective and is on display at the 1857 Hotel in Paducah, located at 210 Kentucky Ave. The show runs through April 6.

iLove the Arts

There will be an opening reception and ‘meet and greet’ on Thursday, January 10, from 5-7 pm.

After more than 70 years on this “mortal coil”, she has gone through a few phases as an artist. The artwork you will see at this retrospective of her work are bits and pieces of people, imaginings, and places and things she has seen. The work also reflects the lessons she has learned, felt and loved before coming to Paducah.

“Of course, my path changed when I arrived in Paducah,” Downs told me. “My pallet became the city and its people; new techniques, mediums and experiments.”

iLove the Arts

Downs has works all over the city. You can see four cut corten steel panels installed in the Pocket Park on Market House Square, between Cynthia's Ristorante and the Art Guild of Paducah. There is also a sculptural steel bike rack located by the Gazebo on Broadway.

Additionally, she painted the 2000-foot river mural on the flood wall for Ingram Barge Company.

The first Paducah Quilt Mural which is painted on the flood wall, located across from the Julian Carroll Convention Center, is from Downs as well.

For more information about this event please visit the Facebook page.