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Chaz Fernandez is the newest edition to Manly Daniel’s Barbershop and Gentlemen’s Supply in Paducah. Raised in Florida, this former Air Force security officer is a father to two super kids. He started using a straight razor as a teen and kept practicing until his fiancé convinced him to go to barber school. He’s a big Smoothie King fan and wants everyone to know he “doesn’t do Rabbit food!” iMeet this soon to be Master Barber who’s really happy Games of Thrones is back.

Dixie Lynn is our Underwriting Representative for WKMS, Murray State University's National Public Radio station. Dixie and her husband also own Atomic City Artifacts, a vintage clothing and vinyl records in Paducah. This Marvel comics fan loves to travel, dance, and hike with her family. iMeet this super fun lady who’s a ringer at ping pong or bowling!

Kevin Dowdy is a Life Insurance Agent at WoodmenLife. He’s been married to his wife, Cathy, for three decades. This family man loves to cook and build things  - just from an image in his head. His biggest pet peeve is procrastination, so what are we waiting for? iMeet this outdoor lover who can help you plan for your future!

Jennifer Elizabeth Smith is an amazing actress who’s playing Portia in the upcoming show “Something Rotten”. It’s on at the Carson Center on March 25. She loves performing in traveling shows, but she sure misses her Yorkie. This hiker is looking for recommendations for the best pancakes to eat while in Paducah. iMeet this traveling performer who is living her dream!

  1. One Book Read author, Crystal Wilkinson
  2. Lakilia Bedeau - Making a Difference One Student, One Family at a Time
  3. Liam Niemeyer likes to tell a good story
  4. Bob Dog’s Mom - the wonderful Retta Folsom
  5. Leigh Toby Likes to Swing!
  6. The Very Affable Shaun Weeks
  7. Dr. Albert Speach
  8. Keyshun Curry is No Rook-ie
  9. “The Cowboy” Joshua Sommer
  10. Coach Jonathan Smith - a winning story
  11. A Year in Review
  12. The Inspiring life of Thomas & Grace Stewart
  13. The Deliciously Sweet Mindy Carroll
  14. Detective & Soap Maker, Sarah Martin
  15. Lexie Millikan is Creatively Inclined!
  16. Katie Axt is Transforming Paducah
  17. Rachael Castillo likes a strong opinion
  18. Happy Ho Ho Ho to you, Dr. Howard!
  19. Devin Metzger is a moonshine-brewin’, music-makin' man
  20. Joseph Alessi plays with trombones!
  21. Megan Koch - Southern Roots and West Coast Style!
  22. Jessica Harris
  23. Go Long, Jump High, Sophie Galloway!
  24. Kacie Slack is Caffeine on Wheels!
  25. Chris Augustus Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine
  26. Laura Hawes-Hammons Knows exactly what she’s doing
  27. Leroy Harper knows Batman!
  28. Tom Knight is no pawn!
  29. The Very Collaborative Todd Birdsong
  30. The Real Andy Wiggins
  31. Chrystal Garber is all about Pigtails!
  32. The Oh So Ducky Desiree Owen
  33. Bryant Hileman has a big heart!
  34. Austin Carter – Bringing You The Morning Buzz
  35. Dr. Beverly Largent Keeps Smiles Healthy
  36. Master of Wood - Wyatt Severs
  37. Keeping it in the Family - Schmidt Farms is now Huyck Farms
  38. Alex Hilkey - Her Heart is in the Arts
  39. Liz Stevenson, David Bowie’s biggest fan!
  40. The Many Wonderful Smells of Anita Vowell
  41. Stacy Thomas - who helps all the kids
  42. Paul Walker
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