Chaz Fernandez is the newest edition to Manly Daniel’s Barbershop and Gentlemen’s Supply in Paducah. Raised in Florida, this former Air Force security officer is a father to two super kids. He started using a straight razor as a teen and kept practicing until his fiancé convinced him to go to barber school. He’s a big Smoothie King fan and wants everyone to know he “doesn’t do Rabbit food!” iMeet this soon to be Master Barber who’s really happy Games of Thrones is back.

Welcome to iList® and Paducah Chaz! OK, tell us all about you and how you got here…

I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and raised, pretty much my whole life, in Largo, Florida. I went to Pinellas Park High School in Largo, St. Petersburg College, and American Institute of Beauty for my Florida barbering license.

iMeetI spent my childhood like most kids raised in the 90’s and early 2000’s - outside playing sports. I played recreational baseball as a pitcher, second baseman, and outfielder. I also played football and basketball in my neighborhood. If I wasn’t outside I was either at school or sleeping the morning’s away haha.

My parents split when I was young but they remained good friends for the sake of my sisters and me. It made it easier for us when we went to the others house. 

Speaking of sisters…I grew up in a house with three sister and zero brothers. I have a great relationship with all of them and they are a huge reason I am the man I am today.

Tell us about your family...

iMeetI may be biased, but I have the most amazingly wonderful fiancé in the world. She has changed my life in so many ways and I love her to death. She and I met in the military. We were both in the Security Forces in the United States Air Force at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois.

We now have two fantastic kids who test our every nerve lol. They keep us on our toes and melt our hearts everyday with something new. My daughter is almost three now and my son will be one this May. Watching how she interacts and protects him reminds me of how my older sister treated me. I know they will be super close as they grow up together.

To top off the two young kids I also have a German shepherd, Lab mix, a beagle/Jack Russell mix, and a cat. So our house is at maximum capacity!

How did you find yourself at your present job? What led you to this career path? 

iMeetI actually have my fiancé, Elizabeth Feezor, to thank for my career. After going into the military, getting out and becoming a poker dealer, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t find happiness in any of the jobs I had accept the military.

I used to go to this barber in Largo while I was in high school and she was amazing. I found what she was doing extremely interesting and thought to myself “I could do that”. So, I went to a beauty supply store and bought myself a pair of clippers and a straight razor in 11th grade and started cutting my own hair.

Obviously I wasn’t as talented at the beginning, but I learned to use my bathroom mirror and medicine cabinet mirror to see my entire head. So, a little more than ten years of cutting my own hair, my fiancé told me to go try barber school. I owe everything I have to her to helping me find my calling.

Her best friend Sarah Short actually found Manly Daniel’s Barbershop and Gentlemen’s Supply while my family were in the process of moving from Florida to Kentucky. She sent me three or four different shops and Manly’s was the first one I saw. Once I opened the page and saw the kind of work Josh Linville puts out along with the look and feel of the shop, I knew that was where I needed to be.

I started talking to Josh in August of ‘18 and he held the chair I am at now until almost April of ‘19. He has been a true blessing in my family’s lives and we honestly couldn’t be here without him. Because of Elizabeth Feezor and Josh Linville I get to call myself a barber, soon to be Master Barber, at Manly Daniel’s Barbershop and Gentlemen’s Supply in Paducah.

What do you love most about your job?


I honestly just love barbering. I love what it provides for the community. Everyone is happier and feels better when they look great. This is an industry I care deeply for. I know I don’t know everything, but what I do know I try my best to share with other barbers.

In both of the barbering schools I went to I spent a good amount of time helping other future professionals - whether it be with classic haircuts or detailed designs. I have always loved art class growing up and barbering is just another form of art. A fade is a form of shading, from light to dark, with a smooth transition. Freehand designs is like drawing and bringing a ‘wow’ factor to a blank canvas. 

What are the best personality traits of a barber?


The most important trait as a barber I feel like is professionalism. This pertains to being on time, courteous, honest, and fair. If your business is run by appointments it’s very important to be prompt when responding to your clients requests and scheduling people appropriately. This also shows that you care about their business.

I believe that talent and skills can be learned and taught as you gain more experience. Being lazy isn’t just unprofessional it also means you get less experience!

What do you like to do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies or interests?

iMeetIn my free time, which is only when my BOTH my kiddos actually fall asleep, my fiancé and I like to watch our TV shows. We are huge Game of Thrones fans, winter is finally here! When that’s not on we like to watch Penny Dreadful on Netflix.

On the days I’m not at work I’m either on social media platforms promoting myself and the shop or looking for new kinds of haircuts or hair designs to master. If I’m not doing that I am absorbing as much laughs, hugs and kisses for my little ones watching them grow and learn.

My daughter and I love to dance and sing, play outside, of rough house in the living room. There have been a few times where she had the luxury of making daddy pretty with some of her make up but that’s between us hahaha.

If I’m not at home I am trying to play basketball with some of guys I’ve met when I moved here and building new friendships. 

If you were a character from a movie, who would you be and why? 

If I can think of any character in any movie that would best represent me off the top of my head I would say Adam Sandler from “Grown Ups”. He is married to a good looking, funny, smart, and ‘in charge’ woman just like me. He has two great kids one boy one girl just like me. And he is funny as all heck just like me hahaha.


Tell us something about yourself that few people know?

I feel that I’m more artistic than most people know. I don’t tell a lot of people about my artistic side. I tend to be good at a lot of sports or activities, but not great at any one.

I am a huge smoothie king fan and an even bigger blackened chicken wrap fan.

I absolutely despise all vegetables lol. If you mess up my food and put rabbit food on my food I WILL ask you to take it back and make me another one - I just can’t do it and I apologize in advance lol.

Ok, Chaz, we got it…absolutely NO rabbit food!  Thanks for being on iMeet and sharing your story with us. We’re glad that chair at Manley Daniels is full and we wish you and your family every success in Paducah.