Dixie Lynn is our Underwriting Representative for WKMS, Murray State University's National Public Radio station. Dixie and her husband also own Atomic City Artifacts, a vintage clothing and vinyl records in Paducah. This Marvel comics fan loves to travel, dance, and hike with her family. iMeet this super fun lady who’s a ringer at ping pong or bowling!

Welcome to iMeet Dixie. A lot of people know who you are, but we’re going to fill in the details.  Tell us about yourself...

iMeetI was born and raised in St. Louis – I’m a Missouri girl (Go Cardinals!) I lived there over 22 years including while I studied for my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Missouri St. Louis. I studied Psychology and Anthropology. I moved to Paducah in 2010.

Tell us about your family – both the two and four legged ones…

My husband Nathan Lynn is a musician and also works at the McCracken County Public Library. We live on a small farm in West Paducah with our two children, Sam and Rosie, our dog Ozzie, cat Millie Grace, and our precious angel baby chickens. We are blessed to have Nathan's parents living next door to us and my parents living across the road.

My mom and dad retired and moved here from St. Louis three years ago. My older brother Derek lives in Northern Arkansas. 


Where do you work and what do you do?

iMeetI am an Underwriting Representative for WKMS, Murray State University's National Public Radio station. I’m celebrating five years at the station this June! My job is to seek out and help business, and organization sponsors - primarily in the Paducah area. I also help with copy writing, event planning, and representing the station at different community events. 

How did you find yourself at your present job? - What led you to this career path? 

Being community- minded, I have listened to and supported public radio since I was a teenager, always finding the local station wherever I traveled and lived. After moving to Paducah nine years ago, I tuned- in to 91.3 FM WKMS and haven't changed my dial since!

When they announced an opening for the Underwriting Representative in 2014, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to help- not only the station, but also area businesses and organizations grow their reach. In whatever way, supporting public radio truly makes you part of the community- and you can support WKMS this week with a donation during our Spring Pledge Drive! (Shameless plug I know.)

iMeetDid you have any other different or interesting jobs before this one?

My first job was at Ben Franklin, an old fashioned five and dime store in St. Louis. I worked the candy counter there like the guy from Willy Wonka, wearing a striped shirt and green apron. I sold candy to kids after school, or families on their way to the movie theater down the street. It was awesome!

Funny side note: This story inspired my husband Nathan to write a satirical song called "Sassy Molassy," on his first album Two Catfish and a Blue Gill.  "Sassy Molassy, slinging that depot candy to all the little boys, do you think you want a piece?... She pulled that taffy my suspenders popped, her lollipops made my heart drop, right down to the floor of that sweet shop..." 

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I love to read, travel, go junk and antique shopping, see live music, and dance. Nathan and I also run Atomic City Artifacts, a vintage clothing and vinyl records business at the Paducah Antique Mall on Broadway downtown. 

iMeetIf you could be a superhero which one would you be?

Although I'm a huge Marvel Comics fan, I have been seen around downtown as the Pink Power Ranger, volunteering for “Paducah Main Street's Pretty Super Saturday” event. 

Listening to any good podcasts you'd like to share with us?

As an avid NPR fan, I love This American Life and Invisibilia, and am anxiously waiting for the next season of Serial. WKMS has two great local podcasts too: Something from Nothing and Old Kentucky Tales. 

Your favorite food and why?

Growing up in a bigger city, studying Anthropology in college, and traveling a lot, I've always been exposed to different cultures. Therefore I love food from other countries, in particular Mexico, India, and Vietnam. Yummy! 

Is there a special place you love to visit?

After graduating college I moved to Mars Hill, North Carolina, a small town north of Asheville in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The mountains there hold a very, very special and spiritual place in my heart. 


Tell us something about yourself that few people know?   

Few people know that I'm a rock star at ping pong (think Forrest Gump) and bowling (The Dude abides), and am a huge Wizard of Oz fan. And, I can recite the entire Munchkinland scene from memory!

Well, thanks for playing in Lollipop Land in iList this week Dixie! We’ve enjoyed getting to know more about you. Good luck with the upcoming WKMS fund drive and remind me never to challenge you at ping pong!