Landscape is a long tradition in Fine Art. Arguable the first landscape scenes can be found as cave paintings, developed to immaculate representational artwork in the Dutch Renaissance, and manipulated further to abstract representations and conceptual art. The two-person exhibition “Landscape: On the Canvas | From the Camera” showcases two very different approaches to this subject by artists Shawn Marshall and Robert Shapiro.

The exhibition will open with a reception on Saturday, June 16, from 5 – 7pm at the Yeiser Art Center, in Downtown Paducah. The exhibition will run until July 28. Admission to the Yeiser Art Center is $5 during regular opening hours, except Wednesdays when admission is free.

Meet The Artists

Shawn Marshall, a painter from Louisville, uses palette knives and sharp-edged tools to create a three-dimensional surface on canvas with oil paints. Her loose depiction of landscapes invokes a visceral feeling of depth, space, and light that is inherently recognizable. The avoidance of realistic images relieves the painting of particular place and instead focuses on the feeling of space and mood.

From a recent exploration of Iceland, Paducah native Robert Shapiro captured enigmatic landscape photographs of the primordial interior and the sparsely populated exterior of the island nation. There are vast, mist-blown views, yet we never lose sight of the terrain’s unique particulars. The images while made with the technical skill of a seasoned photographer, rise above the documentary to get at Iceland’s elusive essence.

The pairing of the works is an intentional contrast: colorful and painterly abstraction next to monochromatic realism.

The Yeiser Art Center

Located in downtown Paducah, the Yeiser Art Center is a non-profit visual arts organization celebrating more than sixty years of serving the community through exhibitions and education throughout the Tri-State Region. The Yeiser Art Center is wheelchair accessible.

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