February 22, 2019

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iLove It

The Night to Shine Prom event is happening again this year at Heartland Church on February 8. This is a prom for students with special needs and its organized by the Tim Tebow Foundation. These young people will get assistance with hair, makeup, and even clothing. They’ll be treated to dinner, dancing, a professional photographer and even a limo ride experience! A prom that everyone can participate in - iLove it!

A baby seal, a giraffe and a teddy bear walk into a library...No, this isn't the start of another corny dad joke. It's the latest way to encourage kids to read. The McCracken County Public Library is hosting its second annual Teddy Bear Sleepover tomorrow. Yes, it is as cute as it sounds! iLove It when we can promote reading in youngsters creatively!

For four decades, the Kentucky State Parks have offered Eagle Watch Weekends; a chance to view the eagles from land and water while learning about this national symbol and other wildlife. iLoveIt that this unique Kentucky State Park tradition – Eagle Watch Weekends – will be offered once again in January and February 2019.

Snowball is back on New Year’s Eve again this year… in fact, the event has proven to be so successful that this year it’s back for the 91st time. If you’ve never attended this enchanting NYE experience, now is your chance. iSupport this charity event that helps you ring in the New Year, while supporting a great cause!

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